Employment Agencies

Employment Agencies

Employment agencies are in great demand. Good employment opportunities are scarce and the desired skill-sets are more demanding. Traditional visions of what employment agencies encompass are changing with this new environment. Agencies are now required to offer more focused and impeccably screened recruitment for their clients. For both job seeker and client, employment agencies have diversified within the past decade to offer more services other than job placement. Variable work options, human resources functions, and training and development programs are being offered. In today's economy, both the job seeker and employer can benefit greatly by participating with an employment agency.

This is more important in today's employment market as the environment is changing rapidly. Not only is the quantity of work at an all-time low, qualifications and requirements necessary in obtaining positions have changed dramatically. Employers, who are not adding to the payroll, but have a temporary need or permanent replacement opening are requesting more from candidates as the duties and responsibilities of traditional job descriptions are changing. Employers expect existing and new-hires to perform traditional job description duties as well as some duties to cover phased-out positions. Employment agencies need to be aware of the detailed needs of the client so that the position can be filled with a person who has the right mix of education and experience.

Employers are being inundated with resumes. Human resource personnel are receiving hundreds, and sometimes thousands of resumes per week. Many are unsolicited, but if an advertisement has gone live on a web site job board, it can take only a few minutes for in-boxes to be flooded with prospective candidates. Hiring an employment agency to advertise, perform traffic control, and interview prospects takes a burden off of a company struggling to keep afloat with the limited human capital that remains.

For the job seeker, allowing an employment agency to thoroughly assess one's skills, experience and education prevents wasting time being contacted by companies who have only key-word searched posted resumes or set up for fruitless interviews by recruiters who do not have a good sense of what the interviewer is looking for. Recruiters are also compensated for bringing candidates in the door, so the employee not truly qualified, may go through a lengthy interview process before discovering the 'realities' of the job. Worse is being hired by an aggressive recruiting team which made false promises and finding out too late how untrue the offer turned out to be. Employment agencies scrutinize every detail of what an employer wants in an employee. In return, agencies interview job seeker in great depth, not only to inquire about job responsibilities and salary one seeks, but to probe a candidate's feelings on issues such as work/life balance, corporate culture, geographical location changes or travel requirements.

Employment agencies offer a wide range of work schedule options depending on candidate and client need. Temporary positions are short assignments which usually fill a short-term employee absence. Contractors are hired based on length of a project need. Temp-to-permanent positions are usually requested by employers who are either not sure they need to add a new position, or they want to make sure that the candidate filling a position is the right fit. Similar to a "trial-basis," it gives the employee a chance to test the waters as well. Permanent positions are more tailored toward career-oriented objectives for both parties involved.

The scope of employment agencies is becoming more unique. Some agencies hire associates as employees of the agency. Salary, benefits, and the security of having a permanent employer with the variety to travel from assignment to assignment is also an option offered by many large agencies. Many agencies offer training and development courses contracted by employers for new-hires to attend before starting at their companies. Additional human resources functions besides job advertisement, interviewing, and placement can be found within a single agency as well.

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'Good employment opportunities are scarce and the desired skill-sets are more demanding. Traditional visions of what employment agencies encompass are changing with this new environment.'