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Our goal is to furnish both job seekers and employers with relevant, up to the minute advice and information within the realms of job searching, career progression, training, staffing and payroll options. We aim to provide you with the latest trends, stats and research; point you in the right direction for further research; enable you to make informed decisions; and empower you to progress in your career, whatever field or industry you may be in.

For job seekers we offer a plethora of information including where best to search for a job, using employment agencies to your advantage, how to make the most of job opportunities and volunteer work.

For the currently employed, we have articles on training, career coaching and management and leadership training.

Employers and human resource departments will find useful information about the pros and cons of using recruitment and staffing agencies, payroll options and solutions, improving performance by using employee evaluations and a whole range of articles on training issues.

If you can't find what you need on this site we are happy to point you to professionals, organizations and companies that might be able to help - just visit the directory for access to providers of nearly every possible related service and/or product to find their contact details and website address.

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